How do I get started?
If you have an existing business in Dallas for which you are seeking funds, you may fill out our application and mail or hand-deliver it to our office. If you are starting a new business, you will want to register your company with the appropriate entities, prepare a business plan, and find a location. Once you have the appropriate documents, you may submit an application. After we receive the application and confirm your eligibility, we will schedule a meeting to determine how to proceed.
Please note, if you are interested in an SBA 504 loan, you must fill out their loan application as opposed to SDDC’s.

Are the funds "only" for minority-owned businesses?
No. We also lend to women-owned businesses and others whose businesses are located in federally-designated census tracts or Enterprise Zones.

How do your services compare to a bank’s?
We usually partner with local banks to loan money to businesses that would otherwise not be able to receive funding. By taking a 2nd lien position, we allow banks to more creatively structure deals for their clients. Sometimes, however, we fund deals independently that banks will not fund due to associated risks.

How do I determine if my business is in an eligible census tract or zone?
E-Mail or call us with the address, and we can determine if your business is eligible.

Do you offer grants?
No, we currently only support our loan programs. Information regarding grants can be found at

Can the funds be used for business acquisitions?

Can funds be used to restructure existing debt?
Yes, in some cases.

Are start-ups considered?
We may consider a start-up if the project results in significant job creation and/or removal of blight in a federally designated census tract in Southern Dallas.

Are the loans secured with collateral?
To the extent possible.

Is the interest rate fixed?
Yes, usually.

What are my options if my business is not located in Dallas?
We suggest The Texas Mezzanine Fund (TMF). TMF can lend money throughout the State of Texas up to $500,000. TMF often works in conjunction with local community development companies, which offer SBA 504 loans.

How much do I have to contribute?
We typically require a minimum of 10% in equity.

Do you finance investment real estate?
No. The borrower must occupy at least 51% of the property.
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